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Pioneros en nutrición animal.

About us

In Melder, our commitment translates into concrete actions that seek the profitability and sustainability of every stakeholder and individual in the supply chain (stockhoklders, customers, partners, suppliers, distributors) achieving in this way a better performance through innovation and service.

Since 1941 Melder´s heritage has been closely linked to the agricultural development of Mexico, particularly in center and western regions.

Today, Melder offers a wide variety of products and services for the farming activities. From specialized high-end tailor-made livestock and pet feed and food formulas, to implements and hobby farmer convenience stores, we supply producers with more than 75% of their input requirements.

With more than 100 distributors, more than 4,400 products and a renewed production facility Melder states its commitment and leadership to animal nutrition, health and wellbeing. This always goes along with great service and quality.